"If thou not dare chance thy super-thiccnes, thy'll never be dummy thicc."

- Edgar Allen Einstein

Want your own domain?

It's dummy cheap(free) and hella easy. Just follow these steps:
  1. Set up a GitHub account if you haven't already
  2. Create a new GitHub Pages site for a project or for your user/organization. You can also use an existing GitHub Pages Site.
  3. Create a new CNAME file in the root directory of the repository and put the domain you'd like to use in the form or
  4. Wait up to 24 hours for your new domain to take effect
  5. Go to and ensure it's working. If it isn't, check your CNAME file or the GitHub repository settings.
  6. Profit! and make sure to share this service or maybe donate :)

Are you happy now?

If so, please share this with all your homies and colleague and consider donating. This is a completely free service powered by a flaw in GitHub Pages and a high quality domain from our bois at Namecheap (sponsor us).

If you aren't happy, leave this page smh. What do you want us to do? Fix your marriage?

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